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Amy Vance Tax Service is dedicated to you and all your different accounting needs.  Each individual and business situation is unique. Our careful attention to all the details helps you get the best outcome and offers peace of mind.


Amy Vance, is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS who works closely with her clients to help them get the most from the services she offers. She understands the need for affordability and strives to keep her fees reasonable.    

Taxes, Accounting


We've been around for over 20  years and we've got proven referrals to stand behind our firm. Our most important goal is making you a happy, life-long customer and saving you tax dollars. 

Get the one on one attention you deserve, and be assured you deal with an experienced tax professional.  Amy Vance - Enrolled Agent, our founding member and owner, strives to be there for her clients when they need her.  

Taxes, Accounting


Client questions are valued and we work closely with each person to save you tax dollars and develop customized accounting services to meet your needs.

​The tax code is complex, let an experienced Enrolled Agent tax preparer guide you and avoid missed deductions. 


Amy Vance - IRS Enrolled Agent

IRS, Taxes, Enrolled Agent

Authorized to practice before the IRS in an Enrolled Agent capacity.  

IRS E-file Provider


Authorized IRS E-filed provider. 

Notary Public - State of Iowa


Registered Notary Public